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Masters Dance Academy

Virtual Summer Program

All-Inclusive Summer Program

     The Masters Dance Academy Summer Program will consist of a combination of live Zoom classes and a series of pre-recorded Choreography lessons available on our website.

  • Choreography: Every Monday we will release new pieces of Choreography broken down by one of our fabulous faculty members. The combos featured will vary by dance style and difficulty levels. Dancers will work independently on those pieces throughout the week. Choreographers will be available through "Office Hours" and individual check-ins for feedback and corrections.

  • Live Zoom Classes: Dancers will have access to live Zoom classes in Ballet and Dance Fitness in order to maintain and improve their overall strength, technique, and flexibility over the summer.

  • Social Connection: All Masters Dance Academy dancers will be invited to our weekly "Social Hours" to maintain relationships and connections with your dance friends all summer. Dancers do not need to be participating in the full program to join the Social meet ups and dancers are allowed to bring guests.

  • Independent Learning: A full ballet barre, stretch & strength classes, Tap instructional videos, Cardio workouts, and other instructional videos will be available 24/7 for continual learning opportunities. 

  • Performance: On Fridays all participants who have been working on the pieces of Choreography film themselves doing the Combo. Over the weekend, Masters will edit and compile all the videos into finished pieces featuring all our dancers and post it to social media and our website so everyone can appreciate their hard work.*

*Depending on which restrictions are still in place, we may be able to meet on Fridays to dance and perform as a group! Time, health, and safety will tell!

Weekly Schedule


New Choreography Combo Videos Released


2:00 Junior dancers social hour

3:00 Advanced dancers social hour

4:00 Dance Fitness Live Zoom class


11:00 - 12:00 Choreography Office Hours*

4:00 - 5:00 Choreography Office Hours*


2:00 Beginner Ballet Live Zoom class

3:00 Advanced Ballet Live Zoom class


Submit Videos of Weekly Combo

* Office hours are first come, first serve. Breakout rooms will be used for different choreographer's combos. If it's busy or you can't meet during Office Hours, teachers are happy set up another time.

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