Community Expectations:

  • Masters Dance Academy strives to be a safe, fun experience for all. It is expected that all dancers and families maintain a positive, productive, and respectful attitude in the Masters Dance Academy community. 

  • At Masters Dance Academy we are committed to fighting against systemic and institutionalized oppression. If any member of our community feels overlooked, undervalued, or exploited, we have all failed. One of our Community Expectations is to help one another be held accountable and learn from mistakes to ensure we all feel safe and respected.

Attendance / Late Policies:

  • Dance is about dedication and part of our studio motto is "commitment". Please try your best as a family to prioritize classes and rehearsals as much as possible. If a family is aware of an impending absence, please notify the studio ASAP.

  • All dancers should arrive ready for class 5-10 minutes early to warm up and prepare. Dancers arriving over 15 minutes after the start of class will be marked "late".

  • If a dancer misses a class due for an excused reason, they are welcome to take another class at their level as a "make-up". Please notify the studio and/or instructor beforehand. 

  • Please try and use the restroom before arriving at the studio. Our facilities are available in case of emergencies.


  • Dance is very demanding on the body and mind. If injuries occur in class, Masters Dance Academy and its instructors/choreographers will not be held responsible in any legal or financial way.

  • If a dancer is injured, it is strongly recommended the dancer still attend classes. A lot can be gained from observing peers and listening to others' corrections. If the injured dancer is part of a competitive team and/or group dance, it is REQUIRED they still attend all rehearsals unless otherwise specified.

Tuition / Refunds:

  • Tuition for all recreational classes is due on the first day of classes for that session. If you register and pay for the full year upfront, you will receive a discount off the per session cost.

  • Competitive Rehearsals and Private Lessons have been broken down into monthly installments for your convenience. Each payment will be the same each month regardless of vacations, holidays, snow days, or any other interruptions in regular class schedules. Payments required September - May.

  • If paying monthly, it is strongly recommended that families set up automatic payments through their bank.

  • Late payments will have an additional $25 added for every month invoice is overdue.

  • If a dancer withdraws from a class before half way point, a refund will be granted minus $25 per class attended. If the dancer withdraws from a class in the 2nd half of the session, a refund is not guaranteed and will be at studio owner's discretion. If a dancer withdraws from a competitive team/group dance, half their remaining annual tuition is due immediately. This will cover additional rehearsal time to fix formations, order new costumes, etc.

  • Ultimately, all refunds are at studio owner's discretion and is never guaranteed. That said, Masters Dance Academy understands that dance is an expensive sport and will generally do whatever we can to help make payments as painless as possible. If you need a different payment schedule or would like to work out a different pay scale, contact the studio at any time.

Fees & Extra Expenses:

  • Competition and Costume fees are not included in Tuition for Classes, Teams, Solos, Duos, or Trios.

  • Competition Fees will be charged for each dance per competition: Solos $125, Duos $75, Trios $60, Groups $50

  • Competitive Costume fee is $75 per costume. Non-competitive Costume fee is $50 per costume and may include some pieces that are only rented and will need to be returned. If not returned, and depending on scarcity of item, family may be responsible for additional replacement costs etc.

  • A Registration fee of $35 will be charged for each session. This will cover administrative fees etc the studio needs to function and run efficiently.

Competitions / Performances:

  • All dancers are expected to arrive 1.5 hours prior to their first scheduled performance unless otherwise notified by studio owner. All dancers are expected to stay and be present on stage during any awards ceremony where they are expecting to receive an award.

  • Dancers and families are responsible for all methods of transportation and/or accommodations necessary for attending a competition and/or performance.

  • Dancers and families are always expected to conduct themselves in a professional, polite, and respectful manner with utmost sportsmanship. This is especially important when attending competitions. 

  • If a Masters Dance Academy dancer is performing at competition, there should be no Masters Dance Academy dancers in the dressing room. We are a team who support and respect one another and that means cheering for one another in an appropriate manner

Costume Policies:

  • All dancers and families are responsible for purchasing appropriate shoes, tights, makeup, and other necessary items to prepare a dancer for class and stage. All shoes and tights will be the correct maker/style as specified by their choreographer and/or studio owner.

  • Dancers and families are responsible for the whereabouts of all costume pieces once brought home. Any lost costumes, accessories, and/or headpieces will result in an additional costume fee charge. A replacement costume is not guaranteed. Depending on timing of lost costume, consequences including removal from performance will be up to the studio owner's discretion.

Class Cancellations

  • If a class has to be canceled due to instructor illness, car trouble or other unavoidable reasons, a make up class will be offered and scheduled by studio owner. If a class has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, make up class may be offered, but is not guaranteed.

  • A class may not run for the session if it does not get 3 or more registered students. 

  • All dancers and/or families should be following Masters Dance Academy on social media. If there is a class cancellation, Masters will post about it on social media either as a post or story. In addition, there may be an email sent out and/or it will be posted on the website. 

  • No make ups will be offered for classes where dancers are unable to attend due to illness, bad weather, or vacation.

  • If a class has to be cancelled for reasons beyond the studio's control, a credit for future Masters Dance Academy classes may be awarded.

Dress Code Policy:

  • It is a Masters Dance Academy policy that gender dress is up to dancer and family's discretion. Each student should feel comfortable and confident in what they wear to class.

  • Hair should always be out of dancers' faces and teachers should always be able to see the dancers' bodies to better correct lines and posture.

  • Any additional dress codes requirements requested by instructors should be observed.

Photographs / Marketing:

  • We are a growing studio. If dancer or family does not give permission for the dancer's image to be used by Masters Dance Academy, it is their responsibility to inform the studio owner before beginning classes. In this case, all instructors of dancer will be made aware not to photograph them, and other limitations may need to be placed to protect the dancer's image. This may include not being included in Picture Day and other fun studio events.

  • Unless otherwise specified, Masters Dance Academy can use all images of dancer for advertising, marketing, and promotion. This may include social media, website, and other advertising platforms as needed.

Bullying / Risky Behaviors:

  • Masters Dance Academy has a strict policy against bullying in the studio and beyond. This includes all online/social media platforms. If a dancer or family is found guilty of bullying another Masters Dance Academy member, they may be asked to leave the studio. Depending on severity of the bullying, law officials may become involved. 

  • If a member of our community is being bullied, alert the studio owner ASAP so we can best monitor and resolve the problem.

  • Absolutely no tobacco, alcohol, or other intoxicating substances may be brought onto Masters Dance Academy property or any venue where Masters Dance Academy is competing or performing. Any dancer or family member found doing so may be asked to leave the event and depending on the severity of the problem, may be asked to leave the studio.

Statue with Mask

Mask Policy

Life in a Post - Covid World

Registration for classes will now ask if dancer has received their vaccination shots for Covid-19 and the dates. If anyone ineligible or unvaccinated is present during or after your class, masks will still be required.

If everyone entering the building during or after your class is vaccinated, masks will not be required. However, if any dancer feels more comfortable wearing a mask, they are always free to do so.