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Jazz is a fun, upbeat class which emphasizes the importance of musicality and sharp, precise movements.

Bekah Blair

Bekah Blair comes to Masters Dance Academy with over a decade of choreography and teaching experience. Her beautiful choreography reflects a deep belief in the importance of performance quality and emotional connection. She has a strong and diverse background in many forms of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary, and musical theater. She has been teaching at Needham Dance Theater and choreographing for their competitive dance team for the past 5 years. She is also the Dance Department head at Charles River Creative Arts Program. She has a B.A. in Dance Education and a Masters degree in Social Work. She brings positivity and encouragement to each of her students in the classroom and creativity and drama to the stage!

Dress Code


Leotard (any style/color), Tan Tights, & Tan/Black Jazz shoes.

Optional dance shorts/pants to be worn with tights. Hair neatly out of dancer's face.


Fitted T-shirt or Leotard (any style/color), Black stretch leggings, & Tan/Black Jazz shoes.

** It is Masters Dance Academy policy that gender dress is up to student and family's discretion.

Each student should feel comfortable and confident in class. **