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Ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance. It teaches elegance, tradition, and attention to detail. It helps to align posture, improve balance, and strengthen core. It is a tradition that has been passed down through the generations for hundreds of years.

Available in 4 Levels:


Contemporary is a fluid style that combines traditional modern technique with exploration, improvisation, and emotional connection through music. It pushes dancers' balance, control, and storytelling.

Available in 4 Levels:


Jazz is a fun, upbeat class which emphasizes the importance of musicality and sharp, precise movements. 

Available in 3 Levels:


Tap is all about rhythm, timing, and musicality. This athletic dance style is a must for anyone looking to pursue drama or musical theater. 

Available in 4 Levels:



Hip Hop is all about attitude and musicality. With hard hits and soft nuances, these challenging classes will keep you challenged and help you impress your friends at your next dance party!

Available in 4 Levels:

Acrobatic Dance

Always wanted to learn the basics of Acrobatics? Want to learn fun new ticks and improve your strength and flexibility? This is the class for you! This beginner level Acro class will give you the fundamentals you need to start rolling, flipping, and leaping across the mats!


Dance Fitness

Get ready to break a sweat! This is a fitness class to keep you dancing, looking, and feeling your best! Strongly encouraged for all of our more advanced dancers, but open to all! The class is also open to adult students as well as youth dancers grades 6+

First Steps

Our First Steps dance classes are foundation courses for children Ages 3  - 5. They teach dance as well as imagination and creative movement.

Elementary Dance

Our Elementary dance classes are foundation courses for children Grades 1 - 3. They develop basic dance vocabulary and technique and begin exploring the different styles dance has to offer. Our main goal is to instill a genuine love of dance they will carry with them forever.

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